Butterfly 79'

Sail motor boat Butterfly with reliable and strong steel hull designed for comfort recreation and possibility for distant cruise navigation. The project is designed to meet regulations CE 2003/44 class А («ocean» unlimited) with following classification for Ukrainian Ships Registor.

The yacht has two masts and contain many design solutions.
1. Each А-type mast coupled with hull and provide rigidity increasing for whole construction. The innovate masts is provide to set twice as much numbers of sails and herewith to do not rise sail center and heeling moment. As a result the boat has effective tune-up for strong wind and keep high speed range even with a few wind. Further more the automatic sail control system will fewer the boat crew
2. Central location of the wheelhouse and a maximum view of 180 degrees will allow steersman to reliabe and complete control for situation in any weather and active steering from the second post on flybridge will also provide vivid impressions on a clear day
3. Minimizing the usage of elements of standing rigging leaves only a pleasant impression of being on the deck and of course much more free space;
4. Smooth hull lines provide safety and design
5. The open flybridge area with a canopy and the aft has beach area
6. The interior spaces with natural light.

The main saloon of the yacht, located on the second deck, includes a galley, dining and recreation areas. The space is conditionally divided by a TV stand, equipped with an elevator. The galley contains all the essentials and has two cooking surfaces - electric and liquid fuel; an oven, microwave and coffee maker; fridge and freezer; fume hood with forced ventilation; double sink and dishwasher; lockers for food, dishes and kitchen utensils. A washing machine is located in the same area. The salon is equipped with exits to the first deck: in the bow and stern cabins, in the engine room, as well as on the flybridge and in the wheelhouse. In addition to the yacht control panel, the wheelhouse is equipped with a place for working with cards and documents, a comfortable sofa and additional lounge chairs. There are exits to both sides.

Технические характеристики: 
Длина, м: 24
Длина по КВЛ, м: 22,4
Ширина максимальная, м: 7,2
Осадка, м: 3,0
Высота борта мах, м: 3,3
Водоизмещение, т: 90
Мощность двигателя, л.с.: 2 x 300
Скорость под двигателем, узл.: 12
Площадь парусов, кв.м: 300 - 550
Скорость под парусами, узл.: до 16
Автономность мах, сут: 6
Дальность плавания, ММ: 1200
Пассажиры, чел: 10
Экипаж, чел: 4-5